Where in the world is Mopsey Designs?

The following Local Needlepoint stores carry Mopsey Designs canvases! Needlepoint stores are so important to our craft - they have amazing canvases, fibers, accessories and advice. You can ask your needlepoint shop to order any Mopsey Designs canvases. If you can, shop local! You'll be supporting two small businesses at once.

Bargello Needlepoint - Bronxville, NY
Chaparral Needlepoint - Houston, TX
Enriched Stitch - Wilton, CT
Hillside Needle Arts - Stevenson, MD
Labors Of Love - Atlanta, GA
Lycette Designs - Palm Beach, FL & Newport, RI
Nimble Needle - Atlanta, GA
Needlepoint by the Bay - E. Greenwich, RI
Needlepoint Clubhouse - St. Louis, MO
Needlepoint This - Dallas, TX
Old World Designs, Menlo Park, CA
Poppypointe - Charlottesville, VA
Seaside Needlepoint - Vero Beach, FL
Stitch By Stitch - Larchmont, NY
Threads Too - Fairhaven, NJ
The Classic Stitch - Winnetka, IL
The Point of It All - DC
The Wool and The Floss - Grosse Point, MI
The Stitching Studio - Richmond, VA
Wallace Paper - Knoxville, TN
West Village Knit and Needle - NYC
What's the Point? - Dublin, OH