Frequently Asked Questions


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  • All canvases are hand and stitch painted, meaning you'll never have to guess where your next stitch goes.
  • All purchases will come with a fiber recommendations.
  • All packaging is either compostable or recyclable.

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I'm a new stitcher, can you help me get started?

Welcome! The needlepoint community is epic and we're so excited you're here! Anyone and everyone can stitch, so let's find a canvas you love and get started. Needlepoint has been around forever and has recently gained popularity. Some pros of needlepoint: it's transportable, it's meditative, it's creative, it creates community. So are you in yet? Great. Let's get you started. I suggest picking a canvas that is smaller - that way you can see progression faster and have quicker gratification of a finished project! Find a motif and colors that you like in a canvas, it will help you stay connected to it. You can either buy a kit (coming soon!) or head to your local needlepoint shop (LNS) to buy coordinating fibers. Fibers are the threads used to needlepoint, they range from wool, to silk, to ribbon, to sparkles and glitter. Your LNS is a great place to find guidance on fibers and try something new! You'll also need some scissors and a tapestry needle (these will most likely come with a canvas). 

I've finished my project! What next?

YAY! You did it! Feels great, right? First hold your canvas up to a light source and make sure you don't see any missed stitches. Finishing your piece is another way to be creative with your piece! There are so many options. I would head to LNS websites and instagram pages to see great examples. The hashtag #needlepointfinishing is also a great place to see incredible work! Some options include ornaments, pillows, patches, clutches/zipper pouches, framed artwork, belts, dog collars, on the back of a denim jacket, acrylic trays, coasters, etc. If you are finishing for the first time or would like to try a new way of finishing, please feel free to chat with me about options for finishers.

The canvas I've purchased doesn't come kitted, is this something you can do for me?

If a product is not available as a kitted option, it will come with a thread recommendation card. Your LNS is a great place for fibers and help picking colors and maybe a new fiber to you! 

The canvas I want is sold out! How can I buy one?

Check around for the canvas at local needlepoint shops - they have some of my canvases! If it can't be found there, sign up for the newsletter for re-stock notifications! 

I have an idea for a canvas but can't find it. Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I would love to help you create an original piece! We'll work together to make sure another designer doesn't have it and then bring your vision to life. Please use the contact form to start the process.

What is your shipping process?

Orders are shipped via USPS, with compostable shipping materials. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order has shipped. Shipping is available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. 

All canvases and accessories are ready to ship and will be shipped out 2-5 business days from purchase date.

Please note, once the package leaves my studio, and is in the hands of the post office, I do not have any control over it. If for some reason your shipment is delayed or missing, I will work with you to find it! 

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of needlepoint and that all of our canvases are hand-painted, Mopsey Designs does not accept returns/refunds. If you are not pleased with your purchase, feel free to be in touch and we can work it out!